Whether a recent layoff forced you into your new "independent professional" role or you've jumped the corporate ship to be your own boss, this group understands where you are.

We get it...
when you need to lean on the inspiration of creative allies to brainstorm a strategy.

We get it...
when your morning conference call means you get to stay in pajamas.

We get it...
when you need the answer to the question, "What's the word I'm looking for here?"

We get it...
when you need talented creative professionals to offer broader services to your clients.

Since 2007, Freelance Pros has blossomed into a network of creative professionals. This group allows you to interact with and promote yourself to talented designers, writers, marketing strategists, photographers, videographers and more. The network allows you to develop strong partnerships on projects and to feed your creativity.

So if this economy has you reeling—wondering what to do next or you need to be surrounded by like minds—Freelance Pros delivers.

Freelance Camp Des Moines 2010
was incredible!

To read about all the brainstorming and discussions at the event,
and add onto the ongoing discussion, go to the wiki site: https://dsm.worldwideamplified.com/groups/freelancecampdsm/

(Many thanks to Jon Thompson for setting up the site!)

This ain’t your Daddy’s conference!

We were excited to host the first Freelance Camp Des Moines
on October 23rd, 2010 at Foundry Coworking in Des Moines.

The one-day “unconference” put a new spin on collaborative learning. Freelance Camp Des Moines supports local “free agents” with valuable information on how to run a successful freelance company. We recognize that free agents are known by various terms: consultants, developers, writers, independent professionals and our goal is to provide a forum to openly discuss and explore solutions to our business challenges in bar camp format.

Freelance Camp Des Moines 2010 focused on technology in business. We invited free agents from the technology industry to register or those who wanted to learn more about applying technology to business plans, marketing campaigns, product/service launches, project management and more. Panelists like social media guru Nathan T. Wright, blog king & brand chef Andrew Clark, and expert program architect Jake Kerber of Kerber Technologies and other local experts lent their expertise and solutions to help you succeed.

We have hopes of planning another Freelance Camp in the near future.


While Freelance Pros strives to attract the best creative talent in the Midwest, Freelance Pros cannot be held responsible for the qualify of work or business practices of its members. Freelance Pros serves as a source of creative talent and a networking tool for its members